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28 Úno

VMware ESXI 7 and Intel NVMe SSD – Can’t add datastore

After a clean installation of VMware ESXi 7.0, I saw an NVMe disk (Intel DC P4600 4TB) in the system, but the datastore could not be added.
I solved the problem quickly as follows:

1. List unresolved snapshots or replica volumes.
# esxcli storage vmfs snapshot list
Volume Name: NVME-Intel
VMFS UUID: 621cdcb9-053ddbab-e0a7-ac162d6f2e80
Can mount: true
Reason for un-mountability:
Can resignature: true
Reason for non-resignaturability:
Unresolved Extent Count: 1

2. Resignature snapshot
# esxcli storage vmfs snapshot resignature --volume-label=NVME-Intel

Now it’s possible to add a datastore in the standard way…

Also don’t forget to install the Intel® Memory and Storage Tool CLI.

Common information about the disc:
# /opt/intel/intelmas/intelmas show -intelssd 0
- 0 Intel SSD DC P4600 Series PHLE729000X14P0KGN -
Bootloader : 0110
Capacity : 3726.02 GB
DevicePath : nvmeMgmt-nvmhba0
DeviceStatus : Healthy
Firmware : QDV10150
FirmwareUpdateAvailable : Firmware=QDV101D1 Bootloader=QB1B0136
Index : 0
MaximumLBA : 7814037167
ModelNumber : INTEL SSDPEDKE040T7
NamespaceId : 1
PercentOverProvisioned : 100.00
ProductFamily : Intel SSD DC P4600 Series
SMARTEnabled : True
SectorDataSize : 512
SerialNumber : PHLE729000X14P0KGN

S.M.A.R.T information:
/opt/intel/intelmas/intelmas show -nvmelog SmartHealthInfo -intelssd 0
- PHLE729000X14P0KGN -
- NVMeLog SMART and Health Information -
Volatile memory backup device has failed : False
Temperature has exceeded a critical threshold : False
Temperature - Celsius : 21
Media is in a read-only mode : False
Power On Hours : 0x5948
Power Cycles : 0x07
Number of Error Info Log Entries : 0x0
Controller Busy Time : 0x483A
Available Spare Space has fallen below the threshold : False
Percentage Used : 5
Critical Warnings : 0
Data Units Read : 0x4447F480
Available Spare Threshold Percentage : 10
Data Units Written : 0x81CC91A9
Unsafe Shutdowns : 0x03
Host Write Commands : 0x09DF7D8CD4
Device reliability has degraded : False
Available Spare Normalized percentage of the remaining spare capacity available : 99
Media Errors : 0x0
Host Read Commands : 0x0277FA1B17

Disk firmware update:
# /opt/intel/intelmas/intelmas load -intelssd 0

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