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05 Říj

UBNT UniFi AP (UAP) Upgrade Loop

1. Forgot device from UniFi 2. SSH to UniFi AP (default credential ubnt/ubnt) ssh root@ip_of_unifi_ap 3. Upload latest firmware image from UniFi web site (https://www.ui.com/download/unifi/unifi-ap) cd /tmp wget https://dl.ubnt.com/unifi/firmware/BZ2/ –no-check-certificate mv BZ.ar7240.v4.0.15.9872.181229.0259.bin fwupdate.bin 4. Run upgrade process syswrapper.sh upgrade2 & 5. Wait a moment & adopt device in controller

05 Říj

DNSSEC in BIND & Fast validation

Edit Bind config file vi /etc/bind/named.conf.options … options { … dnssec-enable yes; dnssec-validation auto; … }; …

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